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2 min readJan 17, 2022


Close Beta is upgraded version, helping players experience new game features including Evolve and Arena (PvP). In game, players get the chance to gain mIDLE. To gain mIDLE, player can join Arena, number of gained mIDLE depends on players level in that day. In order to encourage players to know deeper about mIDLE, Idle Cyber decide to host the hunting contest: “Weekly Top Spent mIDLE” — More spent, more gifts

Official event detail

  • Name: Weekly Top Spent mIDLE
  • Time:

Week 1: 7:30 (UTC) 17/01 — 0:00 (UTC)24/01

Week 2: 0:00 (UTC) 24/01 — 0:00 (UTC) 31/01 (UTC)

Week 3: 0:00 (UTC) 31/01 — 7:30 (UTC) 07/02

  • Number of prizes: 20

Each week, we will award Top 20 users that spend most mIDLE on game activity (number of withdraw mIDLE not count)

  • Total prize value: $1980 USDT (paid in $AFK and Cyber Box)

Prize Breakdowns

  • Top 1: $50 USDT (paid in $AFK) + 1 Cyber Box worth $100 USDT
  • Top 2: $40 USDT (paid in $AFK) + 1 Cyber Box worth $100 USDT
  • Top 3: $30 USDT (paid in $AFK) + 1 Cyber Box worth $100 USDT
  • Top 4–10: $20 USDT (paid in $AFK)
  • Top 11–20: $10 USDT (paid in $AFK)

Time: once a week

How to join

Idle Cyber is going to instruct players precisely with simply easy tasks các thao tác to join the Season Top Arena event.

⚡ Step 1: Install the game, create game account

📲For iOS

Download Testflight

Download Idle Cyber

📲 For Android

⚡ Step 2: Connect Metamask wallet to Marketplace wallet

⚡ Step 3: Connect Marketplace with account game

⚡ Step 4: System automatically transfer 10,000 AFK to corresponding wallet

⚡ Step 5: PLayers ger $BNB for trading fee on blockchain BSC at: https://testnet.binance.org/faucet-smart

⚡ Step 6: Buy Cyber Box on Marketplace

⚡ Step 7: Synchronizing Cyber Box to game. In game, open box and play

⚡ Step 8: Wait for final result and claim for rewards

The prize hunting event is a tribute that we want to send to the gaming community that has been dedicated during the past time.

Follow the latest information on Idle Cyber’s information channels to update details of events taking place in Close Beta!!! Good luck!!!

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