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2 min readJan 17, 2022


Idle Cyber is glad to announce the “Season Top Arena: Break the limit, conquer the greatness”, one of the hottest events with fascinating rewards.

What is waiting for you in “SeasonTop Arena” at Close Beta

Arena battleground is the latest mode that has been added to the Close Beta event, awaited by a series of gamers at Idle Cyber. In Arena (PvP), each combat will take place in 2 mins, our system will calculate the number of alive Cyber, total health to pick the winner.

With simple and easy playstyle, there;s no reason for you to wait any longer to step in the tournament and be the honorable champion. We’d like to repeat, the “Top Arena break the limit, conquer the greatness” event, occurs for 3 weeks, officially start on January 17th, 2022. , same as Close Beta’s open time, ends on Febuary 7th, 2022.

Season Top Arena event information

Name: Season Top Arena: Beak the limit, conquer the greatness

Time: 7:30 AM (UTC on January 17th, 2022 (UTC) — 7:30 AM (UTC) on Febuary 7th, 2022

Number of awards: 20

Based on Arena Points rank table, top 20 players in PvP mode will be awarded.

Value of awards: $1.850 USDT, paid in token $AFK and 36 Cyber Box

Award Breakdowns

Top 20 players with highest Arena Point in Arena (PvP) mode will be awarded.

Top 1: $220 USDT (paid in $AFK) + 5 Cyber Box worth $100 USDT

Top 2: $180 USDT (paid in $AFK) + 4 Cyber Box worth $100 USDT

Top 3: $150 USDT (paid in $AFK) + 3 Cyber Box worth $100 USDT

Top 4–10: $100 USDT (paid in $AFK) + 2 Cyber worth $100 USDT

Top 11–20: $60 USDT (paid in $AFK) + 1 Cyber worth $100 USDT

How to join

Idle Cyber is going to instruct players precisely with simply easy tasks các thao tác to join the Season Top Arena event.

⚡ Step 1: Install the game, create game account

📲For iOS

Download Testflight

Download Idle Cyber

📲 For Android

⚡ Step 2: Connect Metamask wallet to Marketplace wallet

⚡ Step 3: Connect Marketplace with account game

⚡ Step 4: System automatically transfer 10,000 $AFK to corresponding wallet

⚡ Step 5: PLayers ger $BNB for trading fee on blockchain BSC at:

⚡ Step 6: Buy Cyber Box on Marketplace

⚡ Step 7: Synchronizing Cyber Box to game. In game, open box and play

⚡ Step 8: Wait for final result and claim for rewards

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