“May the highest rank triumph”

  • Event name: “May the highest rank triumph”
  • Event time: From 08:00 UTC, December 16th to 08:00 UTC, December 26th 2021
  • Result announcement time: January 4th, 2021
  • Step 1: Fill in the registration form to participate so that the Organizing Committee receives the players’ information that has been named according to regulations. Check the form here.
  • Step 2: The Organizing Committee transfers $AFK testnet to those who registered to participate THROUGH their wallets.
  • Step 3: Click here to get BNB Test as transaction fee
  • Step 4: Players visit the testnet Marketplace to buy Test Box here.
  • Step 5: Download and install Idle Cyber ​​Alpha Test on Android operating system here
  • Step 6: Register your account in the game, name it followed by the syntax SRP_Name.
  • Step 7: Visit the testnet Marketplace, connect your wallet account with the game account that you have just created.
  • Step 8: Enjoy the game
  • Step 9: The Organizing Committee selects statistically top 1–10 players, then chooses the top 11 -1000 according to the conditions given by the organizers (see specific conditions below).
  • Step 10: Organizer deposits money into players’ wallets ($AFK for Top 10, $SRP for Top 11- 1000).
  • To receive the prize, players need to be in the top of 1000 people who collect the most and fastest total mIDLEs (including the number of mIDLEs used to upgrade Cyber). There will be an in-game leaderboard for players to check.
  • Attention! The amount of mIDLE deposited by the player will not be counted.
  • By joining Alpha Test Idle Cyber, each player will receive extremely spectacular rewards. The total prize pool for this event is up to $4,000, paid in $AFK (Top 1 — Top 10), and 9,990 SRP (Top 11-Top 1000).
  • Condition 1: Enter the CORRECT name according to the event’s requirement and be in the top list of 11–1000 according to the criteria of collecting the most and fastest number of mIDLEs.
  • Condition 2: Require playing at least 15 Levels in the game.




Idle Cyber is a P2E model idle game. More details: https://t.me/idlecyber

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Idle Cyber Game

Idle Cyber Game

Idle Cyber is a P2E model idle game. More details: https://t.me/idlecyber

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