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3 min readFeb 12, 2022

Arena is a prominent feature added in Close Beta. Here players can transform into characters and conduct confrontation with any opponent players around the world.

Details about Arena

Ranks in Arena (PvP)

In the Arena, players are divided into 4 ranks, the ranks will depend on the number of Tier 6 Cybe that players own.

- Possessing less than 1 of any Tier 6 Cyber: Lieutanant

- Possess any 1 Tier 6 Cyber ​​or higher: Captain

- Possessing any 2 Tier 6 Cyber ​​or more: Colonel

- Own any 3 Tier 6 Cyber ​​or more: General

Conditions to join Arena (PvP)

When participating in the Arena, players need to have 2 teams including: Attack and Defense

Each team needs at least 1 Cyber ​​to qualify for the match

Players will actively use the Attack formation to attack the Defense squad that has chosen to fight

Reward Limit

The total limit of mIDLE that can be earned per day depends on the player’s level at the beginning of that day

Players will get up to 25000/50000/100000/150000/200000 mIDLE daily with respective level 0/10/50/90/100.

Note: Conditions for receiving Season Reward: AP > 1,000

Limit of hitting turns

When entering the Arena, every day players will have 10 free hits, if players want to play more, it will cost 100 mIDLE each turn

Depending on the players’ ranks, players will receive a certain number of hits per day. The higher the rank, the more hits added every day

Lieutanant: add up to 10 hits

Captain: 20 extra hits

Colonel: 30 more hits

General: 40 more hits

Every time players clicks to join the battle, 1 turn is deducted regardless of the results.

The limited amount of hitting turns will be reset on Reset Time. Between each Arena match there will be a 1 minute as waiting time

Each hit will reveal 3 opponents with approximately AP (-5–5%). Players can choose to fight any 1 of 3 opponents

Before proceeding to select and participate in the battle, players will be able to see displayed indicators including AP and LP (opponents’ Defense team LP) to analyze and evaluate the win-loss ratio objectively.

In addition, if players do not want to fight with 1 of the 3 predefined opponents, players can use the “Refresh” button to change the list (1000 mIDLE for each “Refresh”).


When there are 0/… free hits, players can buy more by clicking “Fight” or “+” in the Chance Left section

Each day, players can only buy up to a certain number of hits

How to determine victory or defeat in Arena

Maximum play time of each Arena match is 2 minutes (120 seconds)

  • Losing all Cybers before the opponent’s last Cyber ​​is deffeated during playtime counts as a Defeat (Loss), otherwise Victory (Win).
  • In case the game time runs out and no one side dies, the Cyber ​​will be calculated as follows

The team has more remaning Cybers is the winner

If the remaining Cybers of 2 sides are equal, then the bigger Remaining HP/Total HP Ratio is the winner

If both sides have the same result, the player with the smaller ID wins.

  • End of Game Rewards (mIDLE) are affected by 2 factors: Current AP and HP Left

Rules in Arena

Arena match speed x1 for the first 1 minute, x2 for the rest

Players can interact with Cyber’s Skill 1

Cyber ​​used in Defense team will not be reused in Attack team and vice versa

Players will start with 1000 AP (Arena Point)

Cyber ​​when used for Arena will be set to level 1, Tier will stay the same

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Good luck guys!