Find Bug — Get Big Bounty

Idle Cyber Game
2 min readDec 16, 2021


With the desire to bring players the best experience, Idle Cyber will constantly improve the game before the official launching. Players can participate in the Bug Bounty — A Fix Bug Event for Idle Cyber to have a chance of getting Cyber Boxes.

  • Program: “Find Bug -get Big Bounty”
  • Event time: 8:00 AM UTC, December 16th — 8:00 AM UTC December 26th 2021.

The Bug Bounty event with Big Prize

Through playing the game, players who find Bugs can give feedback to the game publisher and get prizes — Cyber Boxes. Total value of this event is up to $10,000.

  • 1 First Prize: 10 Cyber Boxes, each worth $100
  • 3 Second Prizes: 5 Cyber Boxes, each worth $100
  • 3 Third Prizes: 4 Cyber Boxes, each worth $100
  • Top 8–20: 2 Cyber Boxes, each worth $100
  • Top 21–60: 1 Cyber Box, each worth $100


The Organizing Committee will give points based on the number of bugs, the importance of bugs, time of bug discovery.

How to participate and get prizes?

Alpha Test will be opened with only two modes: Campaign (PvE) and Daily Quest which allow players to immerse themselves in the game world through the story and missions.

Please follow these steps to join our event:

Step 1: Players need to record bugs with captures/videos.

Step 2: Fill in Bug Report in the link: HERE

Step 4: The Organizing Committee will give points & the results will be announced around mid-January 2022

Step 4: Idle Cyber will send Cyber Boxes to the winner’s wallet

Let’s get it started! Your contributions are extremely valuable to Idle Cyber!

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