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2 min readJan 17, 2022

With the purpose of listening and thanking Idle Cyber companion, we decide host the contest “Close Beta Review”. If you are a true fan of OIdle Cyber who wants to contribute to the development of the game, don’t hesitate to sign up for Close Beta Review.

For every feedback posts/videos of you, we’re very grateful and will improve our products. We will proceed to award 2 prizes to the excellent post or video.

Basic Informations

  • Name: Close Beta Review
  • Time:

Week 1: 7:30 (UTC) 17/01 — 0:00 (UTC) 24/01

Week 2: 0:00 (UTC) 24/01 — 0:00 (UTC) 31/01

Week 3: 0:00 (UTC) 31/01 — 7:30 (UTC) 07/02

  • Language: Any
  • Number of prizes: 6
  • Total prize value: $1800 USDT (paid in $AFK and Cyber Box)
  • Form: Video/Post
  • Platform: Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube

Note: Participator can upload review video/post on their personal feed, in groups/community, on the Fanpage

Requirement: All posts must have these hashtag

#CloseBetaIdleCyber #IdleCyber #CloseBetaReview #AFK #Starpunk

Prize Structure

  • Time: Once a week
  • Number of prize: 2 prizes every 3 weeks= 6 in total, each prize has $100 USDT (paid in $AFK) and 2 Cyber Box worth $200 USDT

Point Count

  • 50% of point are based off number of view, reaction, comment, share
  • 50% of point count according our regulations

How to join

  • Step 1: Players be creative and summarize ideas of how to review Idle Cyber by videos or posts
  • Step 2️: Upload your video on Facebook/ Youtube/ Tiktok/ Twitter/ Telegram
  • Step 3: Fill out the Register Form here
  • Step 4: Wait for result announcement on the project’s official channel

Utilize your talent and creativity to help us build Idle Cyber as well as get lots of valuable prizes! Good luck!

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