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2 min readJan 17, 2022


Idle Cyber ​​always values ​​and prioritizes the quality and security of all projects to the highest level of safety. We’re excited to launch an important event: Bug Bounty Season 2.

Bug Bounty Season 2 is a community networking event, aimed at finding security holes in products. For bugs found, we will award a reward commensurate with the severity of the bug. From there, we will find a way to fix it and increase the player’s experience.

Special features of Bug Bounty Season

In Close Beta, we added new features, including the Evolve mechanism, which makes the player’s Cyber stronger, and the Arena (PvP) game mode where the player can join in confrontation with any opponent around the world.

Basic information about Bug Bounty Season 2

  • Event Name: Bug Bounty Season 2
  • Event opening time: 14:30 on January 17, 2022 (UTC+7)
  • Event ending time:14:30 on February 14, 2022 (UTC+7)
  • Number of prizes : 20 prizes
    Awarding to the top 20 with the highest score according to the bug severity rating system In case the error reported by users is the same, BTC will add points to users who reported the error earlier.
  • Total prize: $3790 USDT (paid in $AFK and Cyber Box)

Prize structure

Top 1: $60 USDT (paid in $AFK) + 5 Cyber Box worth $100 USDT

Top 2: $40 USDT (paid in $AFK) + 4 Cyber Box worth $100 USDT

Top 3: $30 USDT (paid in $AFK) + 3 Cyber Box worth $100 USDT

Top 4–10: $20 USDT (paid in $AFK) + 2 Cyber Box worth $100 USDT

Top 11–20: $10 USDT (paid in $AFK) + 1 Cyber Box worth $100 USDT

How to join the event

  • Step 1: The player detects the Bug during the game and records it with pictures/videos.
  • Step 2️: Fill in Bug information HERE

Contest rules

  • Players participate in the game to experience and discover the bug
  • Click (LINK) to report the bug and fill in the required information to be counted
  • Bug frequency (Always, Often, Rarely, Only Once) if there is an image that reproduces the bug, it will also be + points
  • An image or clip describing the bug is required
  • Top 20 players with the most points will receive (PRIZES)


  • Registration information needs to be accurate to receive the prize
  • Priority is given to images and videos to illustrate the bug found
  • Many players find the same bug and still get points for each player, howerver the earlier sender will get bonus points.
  • Players who provide duplicate bugs are scored for 1 bug only
  • Unlimited number of bug reports and number of bugs
  • Points will be calculated based on the total number of valid bugs of the player and +/- points according to the rules
  • The final decision will be decided by the Organizers

Join now to receive valuable rewards! We look forward to hearing your honest feedback!

Good luck!!

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